RL Harmon Group Candidate Services:

Our fees are paid by our clients benefiting from the placements we provide.
We take the responsibility of providing superior candidates to our clients seriously and welcome you and your contributions in identifying quality professionals.

Services we provide:

RL Harmon Group has also formed Strategic Alliances with other Consultants and Firms that we feel provide the same level of Client Service with a complementary service offering.

We begin each search by reviewing our existing data base for potential career opportunities. It is our business to know talented people. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your resume and areas of interest to rlharmon@rlharmongroup.com or call (603)-224-1050.

We value your privacy and will maintain it with you. We will not disclose your information to anyone without your prior consent.

If you would like to be made aware of available opportunities, please include a note with your resume indicating that you would like confidential email updates sent to you.

There is no charge to be in our database, receive notification of career opportunities, or to pursue employment with our clients.